Course Description

This 1-day Time Management seminar provides strategies to be more effective in all areas of your life. By encouraging a change in approach for using time, participants understand that increasing effectiveness is a process for achieving better results, not simply a set of techniques for finding more time to do things faster. By adopting this process, they will be able to critically analyze and implement productivity tools to suit their specific needs and preferences.


Time Management Skills Seminar


Course Content


  • Focus on Results, Not on Being Busy
  • Understand Why People Don't Manage Their Time Well
  • Review Time Management Tools
  • Identify Your Time Wasters


Choose What to Achieve

  • Consider How You Want to Spend Your Time
  • Compare to How You Actually Spend Your Day
  • Understand the Personal Price You Pay


Set Goals and Plan Effectively

  • How to Plan Effective Use of Your Time
  • Write SMART Goals
  • Categorize Activities and Prioritize Goals


Implementation Plan - Balancing Act

  • Manage Large Tasks and Projects
  • Establish Major Task, Critical Steps
  • Develop Goal and Activities List


Use Computer Tools Effectively

  • Track Short and Long Term Goals
  • Create Task List - Labels, Recurring Events, Setting Priorities
  • Use Calendar and Email Effectively


Avoid Procrastination

  • Analyze Why You Procrastinate
  • Learn Strategies to Avoid Procrastination


Tackle the Time Challenges

  • Manage the Flow of Information
  • Negotiate Work Tasks and Deadlines
  • Manage Casual Visitors
  • Manage Phone and E-mail Messages


Improve the Quality of Your Time

  • Maximize Energy
  • Get the Most Out of Meetings
  • Use Waiting Time Effectively
  • Delegate More Effectively
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks
  • Use a Delay Positively


Summary of Time Management Skills

  • Master List
  • To Delegate List
  • To Do List

Develop Goals for Improvement