Course Description

This 1-day Stress Management seminar provides participants with an understanding of what causes stress, the difference between negative and positive stress and how to recognize the signs of burnout.  Surveys assist participants in developing a personal stress profile.  Participants learn a variety of effective “stress busters” which they can begin to use immediately to decrease stress.  They will discuss the importance of attitude and how to manage stress by  managing time, setting realist goals and making a personal commitment to positive lifestyle changes.


Course Content

Stress Not Distress

  • Define Stress
  • Understand Positive vs. Negative Stress
  • Learn Signs and Symptoms of Stress
  • Understand Everyday Causes of Stress

Stress vs. Burnout

  • Define Burnout
  • Identify Symptoms of Job Burnout
  • Identify Behaviour Types Who are Prone to Stress
  • Define What Drains/Gives Your Energy?

Changes and Choices

  • Understand the Stress Caused by Change
  • Learn Your Internal Control Buttons
  • Understand How Your Attitude Impacts Stress

Doing Things Differently

  • Set SMART Goals and Manage Time
  • Create and Maintain a Positive Self-Image
  • Use Positive Thinking and Rationalization
  • Learn and Practice Breathing and Relaxation Techniques




Stress Management Seminar