Course Description

This .5-day Resume and Cover Letter Writing seminar provides guidelines and tips on how to prepare an effective resume and cover letter. Participants will create or update their own sample application by applying the knowledge gained from the resume and cover letter guidelines discussed.  Participants will analyze a job ad and will learn how to customize their resume and cover letter to meet the job qualifications. If available, participants are invited to bring their resume, cover letter and a job ad to the seminar. 

Course Content

Guidelines on Preparing a Resume
Understand the Purpose of a Resume
Review Resume Styles and the Pros and Cons
Choose the Most Suitable Resume Style
Understand the Different Expectations of Public and Private Sector Recruiters

Content of Your Resume
Tailor Your Resume for a Specific Job
Write Accomplishment Statements
Effectively Format Your Application: Content, Design, and Layout

Write a Dynamic Cover Letter
Purpose of a Cover Letter
Learn Three-Steps to Develop an Effective Cover Letter
Customize Your Cover Letter for a Specific Job



Resume and Cover Letter Writing