Presentation Skills Seminar

Course Description

In this 1-day Presentation Skills seminar, the facilitator will give an overview of effective communication skills and a 4-step process to develop a successful presentation.  Participants will then complete exercises to improve voice volume, intonation, clarity, and annunciation as well as to eliminate “ums” and “ahs”.  Each participant will do two short presentations.  Participants receive verbal feedback from the facilitator and the other participants on each of their presentations.  They will very clearly see their progress made during the course and will leave with a new level of confidence and skill.


Presentation Skills Coaching

Individual coaching is available with a senior coach to help you prepare for that important presentation.

For all skills levels.

Course Content


  • Describe Characteristics of Effective Presenters
  • Identify the Components of Communication
  • Emphasize Words to Convey Meaning
  • Learn How to Portray Effective Body Language

Manage Stress and Anxiety

  • Understand Your Feelings
  • Reframe the Way Your Think of Stress
  • Learn Tips to Manage Performance Stress

Develop an Effective Presentation

1. Plan Your Presentation

  • Determine the Purpose of the Presentation
  • Analyse Your Audience
  • Customize Content to Meet Audience Expectations
  • Describe the Purpose

2. Prepare

  • Develop the Outline
  • Develop the Body, Opening and Close
  • Support Key Points with Evidence and Visuals

3. Practice

  • Establish Credibility
  • Review Visuals and Receive Feedback

4. Present

  • Make a Positive Impression
  • Build Rapport
  • Involve the Audience

Engage and Manage the Audience

  • Learn Questioning Techniques
  • Manage Group Dynamics
  • Use Humour Effectively

Use Presentation Tools Effectively

  • Understand Benefits of Presentation Aids
  • Learn Use a Variety of Presentation Aids
  • Learn Tips to Create Effective PowerPoint Slides

Action Plan