Course Description

This .5-day Interview Skills seminar provides guidelines on how to prepare for an interview using the job ad qualifications. Participants learn about the types of interview questions, how to frame responses to behavioural-based questions using a 3-step technique (PAR), and the amount of detail to provide. Participants prepare and practice responding to a typical interview question that specifically demonstrates their unique skills, knowledge, and attributes.


Course Content

Prepare for a Job Interview
Conduct Research
Review the Qualifications and Develop Sample Questions
Network to Learn About the Job
Use a Three Step Process to Success
Learn Differences Between Government and Private Sector Interviews

Interview Questions
Review the 4 Types of Interview Questions
Focus on your Accomplishments
Use PAR Technique to Frame Responses
Learn Tips to Improve Your Response
Communicate Effectively in an Interview

Navigating the Interview
What to Expect with a Selection Panel
Prepare a Portfolio to Bring to the Interview
Create a Positive Impression
Manage Stress
Learn General Interviewing Skills Tips


Interview Skills Seminar