Incivility to Civility Seminar


Course Content


  • Define Civility, Bullying and Harassment
  • Know the Characteristics of a Toxic Workplace
  • Understand that Civility is a Shared Responsibility
  • Understand the Role of Culture and How to Develop Cultural Competence

Effective Work Etiquette 

  • Learn the Importance of Greetings
  • Show Respect
  • Be Involved in the Workplace
  • Learn Political Correctness
  • Costs and Rewards

Understand Workplace Costs and Rewards of Incivility

  • Learn Causes of Incivility
  • Learn Strategies to Overcome Incivility

Conflict Management Styles 

  • Learn 4 Styles of Conflict Management
  • Define Your Conflict Management Style
  • Learn Strategies to Work Well with All Styles


  • Learn the Importance of Para-Verbal and Non-Verbal Skills
  • Use Listening Skills to Gain Understanding
  • Use EASY Communication Model


  • Learn the 3 Sides to Any Issue
  • Learn Strategies to Solve Conflict - Mediation, Arbitration, Problem-Solving

Strategies to Promote Long-Term Change 

  • How to Promote Civility
  • Addressing Complaints
  • Enforcing Violators




Course Description

Incivility can have a devastating impact on your employees as well as the entire organization. When incivility is prevalent in the workplace, stress levels increase and performance suffers. The first step in fostering civility in the workplace is to increase awareness. This workshop will help you define what civility is and what it looks like. You will learn how to demonstrate respect and common courtesy and how to use powerful tools, tips, and techniques to confidently cultivate a climate of civility and a culture of openness, trust and inclusion.

This highly interactive 1-day seminar provides new concepts and tools participants can immediately apply to plan and build a respectful, safe and civil culture at work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of how civility can build trust and collaboration.
  • Use 3 key ingredients to embed civility into your work and your life to communicate more effectively, build trust and encourage respect.
  • Learn to implement 5 best practices for fostering civility with your clients, community and in general.
  • Take away sources and resources you can use immediately to build civility into your business