Optimize Customer Communications Seminar

Course Content


  • Define Exceptional Customer Service and its Benefits
  • Understand How Customers Measure Service
  • Write a Customer Profile
  • Use Correct Language to Address Clients
  • Review Service Principles and Standards

Customer Service Skills

  • Understand Impact of Verbal/ Non-Verbal Communication
  • Use Positive Language and Professionalism
  • Learn Effective Communication Strategies
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Active/Reflective Listening, Paraphrasing
  • Showing Empathy/Understanding
  • Building Awareness to Manage Client’s Special Needs
  • Learn Tips to Manage Client Interactions on the Phone

Manage Customer Complaints

  • Consider Why Customer Complain
  • Learn a Seven-Step Customer Complaint Process
  • Deal with Emotions
  • Use an Effective Strategy for When It Escalates
  • Learn the Value of Neutral Language
  • Know Your Early Warning Signs
  • Avoid the Blame Game
  • Apply Strategies: Case Studies


Goals for Improvement


Course Description

In this 1-day customer service seminar, employees and managers alike will benefit from focusing on the attitudes and behaviours required to support their organization’s objective to provide outcome-based, customer-focused client service.  Participants will identify the characteristics of exceptional service and will apply techniques to improve communication and problem-solving skills. The course includes relevant examples, case studies, and exercises that reflect the challenges of providing excellent customer service to both internal and external clients.


  • Apply communication and problem solving-skills to effectively manage day‑to‑day client communications
  • Determine when to refer a client to a supervisor and how to do this effectively.
  • Deal with angry or complaining clients without becoming defensive
  • Become comfortable saying no to clients when appropriate (i.e., based on policies)
  • Learn not to take difficult interactions with clients personally
  • Improve abilities to deal with difficult situations both in person and on the phone