Course Content

Understand Conflict 

  • Define Conflict, its Characteristics, and Sources
  • Review Four Steps of Interest-Based Conflict Management
  • Understand the Negative and Positive Aspects of Conflict

Define Your Conflict Management Style 

  • Understand the 5 Styles of Reacting to Conflict
  • Assess your Conflict Style: Questionnaire
  • Learn to Successfully Deal with Each Conflict Style
  • Learn to Approach Conflict Based on the Unique Situation/Person

Techniques to Manage Conflict in the Workplace 

  • Understand Active and Reflective Listening Skills
  • Apply the Art of Paraphrasing
  • Ask Strategic Questions
  • Understand Behaviours that Elicit Cooperation
  • Learn Strategies for Exploring Common Interests
  • Know your Early Warning Signs
  • Avoid Defensiveness
  • Use Positive Self-Talk
  • Apply the 4 Steps of Interest-Based Conflict Management

Action Plan

  • Develop a Personal Action Plan


Conflict Management Skills Seminar

Course Description

In this 1-day Conflict Management seminar, participants will gain an understanding of the sources and characteristics of conflict. They will explore both the negative and positive aspects of conflict leading to the realization that conflict is a normal, even necessary, part of change and growth.

Participants will determine their conflict management style to gain insight into their reactions to conflict as well as the reaction styles of people they interact with. They will learn strategies to modify their approach to suit the specific situation and/or person.

The course emphasizes practical tools to successfully manage conflict including a 4-step interest-based approach to conflict; listening, paraphrasing, and questioning skills; knowing your “early warning signs”; and avoiding defensiveness and blame. Each of these skills will be practiced using practical work-related examples and case studies throughout the seminar. Participants develop a personal action plan for how they can apply what they have learned during the session when they return to work.