Course Description

Taking the next step in your career path is challenging – especially if you don’t have a plan.  In this .5-day seminar, we provide an overview of the steps to plan your career more effectively.

We discuss the importance of identifying your transferable skills, rather than focusing on duties, and documenting the results you achieve in your work.  This will help you identify viable career options that require your proven skills and to perform well in a competition.  Finally, we talk about setting effective career goals and networking.


Course Content

What is a Career Plan?
Review a Career Planning Roadmap

1.    Get to Know Yourself - Define your knowledge, skills, values, and interests

2.    Explore Options – Define short and long term goals.  What skills do I need to get there?  What skill gaps exist? 

3.    Set Goals and Take Action – How do I develop skills I need? How do I expand my network to help me reach my career goals?

Showcase Skills and Knowledge
Identify Accomplishments
Write Accomplishment Statement

Research Career Options
Identify Fields/Jobs of Interest and Determine Required Skills
Assess Your Skills and Identify Gaps
Develop a Learning Plan to Gain New Skills

Career Action Plan
Set SMART Goals
Build a Network to Reach Career Goals
Conduct Informational Interviews
Re-assess, Re-evaluate and Set New Goals



Career Planning Seminar