Career Coaching

Resume Writing Process

Conduct Evaluation Interview

An initial one-hour discussion is conducted to determine the client’s goals, challenges, and detailed career history.


The client completes assessment questionnaires.

Develop Base Resume and Cover Letter

The Coach develops a draft resume/cover letter and, with feedback from the client, finalizes the base documents.  The base application can be used for non‑solicited job applications.

Target Search for Suitable Jobs

Coach and client develop a list of suitable job opportunities and the coach sources several potential job ads.

Customize Cover Letter for a Specific Job

Coach develops a cover letter customized to meet the qualifications of a specific job. The client can then update this cover letter for other applications.

The Coach can develop several versions of the cover letter, customized for different fields, or designed for public or private sector.

Interview Coaching Process

We can help you prepare effectively for your next interview and make the best possible impression in your interview!

Evaluation Interview

An initial one-hour discussion is conducted to determine the client’s goals, challenges, and target position.

Development of Sample Interview Questions

The Coach sources job ads for the target position and develops sample interview questions.

Preparation for the Mock Interview

The Coach provides worksheets outlining the types of interview questions and the STAR/PAR framework to answer behaviour-based questions.  The client writes detailed, point-form responses.

Conduct Mock Interviews

Coach conducts a series of 2-3 mock interviews by phone, video conferencing, and/or in person and provides detailed feedback on how to improve the content and delivery of the responses.

  • Can’t get an interview? Tired of not knowing what employers want?
  • Don’t know the special requirements for government applications?
  • Experiencing stress anxiety at the thought of going to an interview?
  • Don’t know the difference between private sector and government interviews?
  • Don’t know how to answer those tough interview questions?

We have over 15 years of experience writing and critiquing public and private sector cover letters/resumes against job qualifications as well as helping job seekers prepare for an interview. 

We have helped hundreds of clients in fields as diverse as management, enforcement, business analysis, finance, marketing, human resources, communications, fire and land management, administration, education and training, policy analysis and writing, information technology, customer service, social work and case management.


We can write an accomplishment-based resume and cover letter that will get you results!

We can help you prepare so you effectively present your qualifications and make the best possible impression in an interview!