Course Description

The ability to present well in front of an audience is not an inborn trait but a learned skill.  This one-day seminar is designed for participants who want to become Master Presenters.

Pre-Course Preparation

  • Complete a brief self-assessment of your current skills and establish a specific area(s) for improvement during the training.  Email completed assessment to the instructor.
  • Bring a 7-8 minute, work-related presentation supported by several PowerPoint slides.

During the Seminar
In this 1-day Presentation Skills seminar, the facilitator will provide  tips on how to improve skills in all areas of presentations: prepare content that focuses on your key messages, use body language to enhance your message, involve the audience, use more than PowerPoint to maintain interest, and manage performance stress.  Participants will present three times during the day.

The emphasis of the training is for participants to:

  • build confidence by acknowledging what they already do well
  • identify areas for improvements
  • learn and practice the specific skills of Master Presenters


Course Content


  • Learn Tips to Improve Communication Skills
  • Use the Power of your Voice
  • Eliminate Ums and Ahs
  • Incorporate Natural Body Language
  • Manage Stress


Tips to Know Your Audience

  • Identify your Audience
  • Handle Questions
  • Plan your Approach
  • Involve your Audience


Review of Presentation Preparation

  • Use a 4-Step Process - Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present


Strategies to Become a Master Presenter

  • Make a Positive First Impression
  • Gain Your Audience's Attention
  • Build Rapport and Trust
  • Create an Attention-Getting Opening
  • Obtain Feedback
  • Use a Brief Silence for Impact
  • Incorporate Appropriate Humour
  • Close Effectively


Effective Use of Visual Aids

  • Format PowerPoint Slides for Maximum Impact
  • When and How to Effectivley Use a Variety of Training Aids 

Personal Plan for Continued Improvement


Advanced Presentation Skills Seminar